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Fiona Smith



Self taught since my early years in Worcestershire, England. when as child I used to model horses and animals from the rich Worcestershire clay found in our garden.


When I was a teenager my family moved to Ireland, where we lived by the sea and kept horses. My first job as a young adult  was as a Graphic Designer in Dublin.


Later on, when my own two boys were very young. I  undertook a practical Bronze Casting course in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. I have been exhibiting regularly for the past 25 years. 


Galleries include: Solomon Gallery, Dublin, Trinity Gallery Dublin and Gormley's  Dublin.


Selected exhibitions include RHA Annual Exhibition;  Sculpture in Context Botanical Gardens Dublin; Sculpture at Lyons, County Kildare; Wexford Opera Festival; Art in the Garden, Russborough House and and Art and Soul, Culloden Estate Belfast and Castlemartyr Cork  


My work has also been shown in Galleries and Art fairs in  England, Scotland and USA.


My inspiration comes from early naturalist illustrators such as Audubon and Bartram. And the beautiful wading birds which I see on my walks.


I now  live and work County Meath.




‘Enchanting’ is the adjective I think best describes Fiona Smith's bird sculptures.

When I first saw them I felt that, while life- like,there was a presence about them which transported me from the art gallery to the birds’ habitat.

The Bittern has all the feel of his marsh home; the Group of Egrets dance on the shore of a lake.

Fiona’s training in sculpture; her attention to detail has made her pieces sought after by collectors for years.

While I feel I must stroke the birds’ shining feathers, I fear to do so lest they fly away and leave me!”


Senator Mary Henry

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